Krochmal’s Twitter Update

  • 00:22 The Mo Krochmal Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ericaamerica @elyssaeast #
  • 00:28 Blind Social Sharing & Its Effect On Personal Credibility #smnny [sharing methods studied] #
  • 00:31 The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn #smnny [always can do more with this tool] #
  • 00:36 Dept. Stores, M-Commerce Leading the Social Media Way #smnny @Macys No. 1 in this ranking #
  • 00:44 5 Lessons Learned Building The Daily Dot, a Media Startup #smnny great story from startup news service. #
  • 00:46 11 Calif. newspapers to become 2 San Francisco area. #
  • 11:34 What #SocialTV Apps Bosses Tweet is out! #
  • 11:51 Hope to be able to hear @unchainyourlife speak again. Yesterday, at #140confHV, he was interrupted by the earthquake. #
  • 11:52 A salute to yesterday’s #140confHV — great day in Kingston, NY, super job of organizing the event. My honor to be invited to share. #
  • 13:36 Bogus DM’s hitting my inbox: "Someone is posting a pic of you all over twitter" Really? I don’t care, except that you have been hacked. #
  • 14:03 @wordwhacker That’s exactly what I did. Some of them are journos! Tsk, tsk, tsk.Kingston was great, earthquake not so much 🙂 #
  • 14:19 And 15 rules @SueanneShirzay @DragonSearch #
  • 15:28 My friend @WriteOnOnline tells me that @campusexplorer, a directory for higher ed, is offering $1K scholarships. #
  • 15:32 So, my tribe is now three — @mackmclaughlin @ivanlajara 😉 #
  • 15:34 I can feel the momentum growing as September gets closer. So much to do. Considering a total social-media sign-off for a few days? #
  • 16:03 Would you please go over and "Like" Social Media News NY ( Exclusive content, community for social media pros in NYC! #
  • 16:04 Thanks @karenstrunks How do you do it? Do you just disappear, or do you announce it. How long do you go? #
  • 16:09 LOL, it’s hard to disconnect when that is what you do, @karenstrunks I so understand. 🙂 #
  • 16:16 Thank for the wisdom, @karenstrunks ! #
  • 16:16 Thank you @Missmikelah ! #
  • 16:51 Gotham is smack-dab in the path of Irene. Wonder if this is a good weekend to take a midnight train to Cleveland? #
  • 18:09 Um, where is everybody? #ONANYC @ Sky Room @sonarme #
  • 18:11 Hi @niketa are you at the meetup? Im wondering if i’m early or in wrong spot #

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