Krochmal’s Twitter Update

  • 00:22 The Mo Krochmal Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @profkrg @pinkolivefamily @lh @billhandy #
  • 09:53 Good morning! Going to be an amazing day today, I just know it. How’s by you? #
  • 09:55 About 11:30 EDT today, if you would, and I hope this isn’t too much to ask, just take a moment to send out some super positive energy. #
  • 10:10 Paragraph 8 just absolutely just floored me Viewers news. #journalism #mustread #
  • 10:17 Today is cheap air fares day on the Interwebs. Need to go to LA on or about July 20. How will that happen? Magic, I tell you, magic. #
  • 10:22 Just a reminder, Social Media News NY will be at TV Goes Social conference Thursday, leading a panel of TV apps CEOs. #
  • 10:23 Thank you @wordwhacker I hope you will throw together a quick blog piece on boomers and Social TV. I want to know! #
  • 10:27 You can’t fake it on social media via MickMel SEO #
  • 10:30 Dayum @krisis I wish I could have said hello 😦 Conference was super, as always. Didja see this? #
  • 10:37 Thanks @MannyVP I’ll be sending my good energy your way too! Thank you! #
  • 10:43 G’morning @johnmccrea @ninaalastruey @alexiskold @dslevy242 @sniyogi @social_guide Thursday will be epic #
  • 10:59 Click this to see what the #socialTV apps chiefs are tweeting #
  • 11:01 Hi @BobbinTalk Been too long! Great to hear you! Enjoy the solstice! #
  • 11:02 Hello @pscherry78 Thanks for the RT. Hope it’s a great day for you! #
  • 11:02 I’ll need all your positive energy focused in 28 minutes from now. #
  • 11:07 Thank you @95corolla #
  • 11:13 My cup runneth over @95corolla Thank you! I need it. #
  • 11:21 In 10 minutes, focus your good energy this way, my friends. #
  • 11:22 An opportunity, @spofcher #
  • 11:28 Going offline for about an hour. Turn on those beams of sunshine and positive energy, my friends. I need it. And, thank you! #
  • 11:28 iPrompt sounds like fun @reshanrichards Good luck. Tell me how it works out for you 🙂 #
  • 11:34 What #SocialTV Apps Bosses Tweet is out! #
  • 12:27 Thank you so much foryour energy and spirit, my friends. I asked for you to turn your energy my way at 11:30 and I felt it. Wow. <3 u #
  • 12:31 Some of my friends asked, actually dared me, to record my sunshine Solstice Dance. So, I’m going off into the woods to do just that. #
  • 12:33 Me and my tripod @MichelleLecours You are probably not available at the moment 🙂 #
  • 12:34 Well, if you ever get here, or I get there, @MichelleLecours We’ll collaborate. That would be cool! #
  • 12:38 Yeah, give me a couple of hours to make my office web-cam ready @MichelleLecours LOL. Going into the NYC woods, cool spot. No WiFi, or 3G #
  • 14:23 My secret spot in the woods in Manhattan. (@ Inwood Hill Park) #
  • 18:05 It went well, sir. Thank you @spofcher I felt the energy and the support. Pretty cool. #
  • 18:35 Got to say thank you, Twitter friends for the good thoughts you shared with ninths morning! Wow! #
  • 19:12 The line stretches around the block to 7th Avenue. (@ gdgt live in New York at The Altman #gdgtny) [pic]: #
  • 19:14 you sir, hang out with geeks @paulswansen 🙂 #
  • 19:21 RT @paulswansen: @Krochmal I’ve learned from the best starting with @jeffpulver #
  • 19:31 silly little movie starring me. #solsticesilly your’re welcome #
  • 20:58 @katherineche great meeting you! #justmet #
  • 20:59 @gofasterplease great meeting you! #justmet #
  • 21:16 Two slices and a can for $2.75. This place does volume! Serous. Just cheese. (@ 2 Bros Pizza) #
  • 21:23 @ArtJones puleaze – folded on paper plates with red pepper, oregano and garlic. #newyorka. Tmrw at 2? #
  • 23:39 Check out the exclusive interview we got with Internet astrology pioneer Susan Miller at #smnny #

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