Krochmal’s Twitter Update

  • 00:22 The Mo Krochmal Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @laurenkgray @merredith @techfanster @ljthornton @inkfoundry #
  • 10:31 Got a feeling I’m going to be quiet over the next few days here. Well, relatively quiet. Good morning! #
  • 11:02 Any hotel in #NYC have a comp room for guest w/a 63 @klout score and 100k followers? Hit me up here. #
  • 13:14 This is such an amazing week, packed with opportunities. Tomorrow, speaking on teaching social media at Blogworld. Thursday #140confLI #
  • 13:17 My greatest victory of the week so far, is successfully troubleshooting my laser printer. #Smallvictories. And, yes, I do use a printer 🙂 #
  • 13:17 Thank you @thecarlitosway Look forward to seeing you there. #
  • 13:17 Sadly no, @joeruiz Are you? #
  • 13:20 I would be delighted to compare notes @joeruiz We can sometime do a Skype coffee. #
  • 13:31 Oh noooooos @TAOXproductions #splashingthewaterofcoldrealityonmyface #printerguru #
  • 13:43 Let’s do it @joeruiz Look forward to following your #NAHJ convention tweets! #
  • 13:58 In 3 DAYS! 40 speakers at the top of their Social Media game, networking, food and FUN. 5/26 #140confli #
  • 13:59 Seriously, I can not believe this. We started thinking about #140confLI in January and now it’s almost here. Won’t you join us? #
  • 14:27 Monday, Monday. So good to me. #
  • 14:30 Hello #140conf family, how about a shout out for #140confli Thursday. Need your support and love! #
  • 14:34 LNKD down 7 percent on down day for the market. #
  • 14:40 @marcowill buy and hold, sir. That’s how ya do. Should buy MOK on @empireave too. All I’m sayin’ #
  • 14:45 @marcowill u the sage of LA, #amiright? #
  • 14:50 RT @docuticker: DocuTicker: 22-point gap – Millennials Value Parenthood More Than Marriage #
  • 15:10 @marcowill you mean there is a possibility I could be wron . . . #
  • 15:37 RT @JulieSpira: I say love never goes out of style. @washingtonpost says marriage is down 50% since 1970. #
  • 18:18 @MauraHernandez 😦 we will have to stalk the tweetstream! #
  • 20:03 Missing connecting with #onanyc peeps right now. Somebody share a holla and an hola for me 🙂 #
  • 20:08 Shout out to @MaleciaWalker Take good notes and share! Thanks! #
  • 20:10 Heaven’s sense of humor? @whitneypannell Actually, journalism. Feel blessed to be here, but I do miss green grass and blue skies. #
  • 20:13 @MaleciaWalker Yes ma’am. On it. #
  • 22:20 Early rising tomorrow. Going to speak on a Blogworld panel about teaching social #
  • 22:57 I’m going to a Meetup with #140Conf: The State of Now #

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