Krochmal Tweet Log

  • 00:09 RT @BreakingNews: Rescue dog maybe a Chihuahua mix wins World’s Ugliest Dog contest at Sonoma-Marin, Calif. fair. #
  • 00:10 RT @wmhartnett: The Argentine ant global mega-colony: <— AMAZING!!! #
  • 09:25 @stevegarfield thanks for doing the book. it’s the right time, the right book. I enjoyed reading it and learned. 🙂 #
  • 12:43 Good morning. Still in Denver. Journey home begins in the wee hours. How’s your Saturday? #
  • 12:48 Stopped by Colorado-Denver computer lab where a great guy took the time to walk me through Final Cut Pro. I’m ready to start editing. #
  • 14:01 @b0nnie8302 hey! what’s your URL? Give a try. Sooooo easy. #
  • 14:32 Watching #worldcup with about 100 journalists at #NAHJ in a lounge set up by ESPN. #
  • 14:35 On that goal, a reminder. NFL training camp opens in a month. Just sayin’ #worldcup #
  • 16:01 So, I can’t believe that this epic picture of me has not gotten 1 view, not 1 #keepingitclassy #
  • 21:31 Enjpying el gran baile and hall of fame banquet for #NAHJ convention. ivan Roman is addressing the issues – immigration and future of J. #
  • 21:32 @ScoopB You don’t need a #sillybandz to be cool – now just cooler. #
  • 21:34 Gloria Campos and Ray Suarez are inducted into #NAHJ Hall of Fame. So worthy both. Great role models. #
  • 21:38 Hall of Fane banquet is addressed by M/Sgt. Betancourt of the US Army with inspiring and thoughtful comments on point. #
  • 21:43 Ricardo Pimentel leaves #NAHJ after two years as president. Talks of immigration, Congress and the Dream Act. Civil rights issue of our time #
  • 21:46 Report, tell truth to power, do what we do, says Pimentel of #NAHJ. Media is shying from coverage for fear of roiling waters. #
  • 21:48 Bringing understanding and clarity to immigratiion issue is #NAHJ members job, Pimentel says in valedictory speech as president. #
  • 22:02 @rolmeda Video stream would be better but glad you find helpful. Nice crowd but subdued. #
  • 22:15 Video presentations of student work at #NAHJ were high quality, bilingual but were safe. #
  • 22:22 Pimentel back at mic talking about #NAHJ finances. Org has raised $26k at convention. Pledges will help org hold multimedia training. #
  • 22:38 Glora Campos calls out talk show hosts as not journalists who frame discussion. #nahj halloffame #
  • 22:40 Viewers are my bosses says Gloria Campos. Dream big. Be best and brightest in your newsroom. #nahj #
  • 22:43 Viewer told her when I see you, I see myself. I knew I had to believe in myself: Gloria Campos, #nahj hall of famer #
  • 22:46 Network recruiters missed out on Ray Suarez, said Cecilia Alvear. That was NPR’s gain. So too #nahj #
  • 22:52 Ray Suarez says in 35 years I have tried to play it straight and still own myself at the end of the day. #nahj #halloffame #
  • 22:54 World i became a part of at age 19 does not exist any more. In one generation my family has gone from horrifying poverty to this. #nahjhall #
  • 22:57 What we do is hard – what people don’t realize is how hard it is: Ray Suarez #nahj we compete against ignorance. #
  • 23:01 Ray Suarez says tough times in our business are not over. We are the eyes and ears for the most powerless people. Wll work to save business. #
  • 23:03 We are very lucky people. We get to do one of the most important jobs in a free society: Ray Suarez. #nahj #
  • 23:06 34 percent voted. Like prev years. #nahj board ac ooficer yes. Students get to vote. At large veep online. #nahj #
  • 23:09 New #nahj president michelle salcedo #
  • 23:12 Michelle Salcedo. Columbia grad. AP wash bureau journalist. New president of #nahj. teh awesome #
  • 23:16 Challenges ahead. We are very much alive and ready to meet the challenges. #nahj Michelle Salcedo #
  • 23:19 It’s not an easy thing to attend #nahj convention every year but I do and I refresh my inspiration. Now it is time to work. #
  • 23:23 Tweet flood now done. Any typos are correctable. But now i’m a little gagged at Disney taking over our podium. #nahj #
  • 23:27 Had to walk out of Disney infomercial at #nahj #overthetop #commercialism #unseemly. #
  • 23:57 @rolmeda Wow. I forgot about some of the stemwinders we have had. #

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