Krochmal Tweet Log

  • 00:44 Thanks @neevzaiet5 @nicolekrichard @enriquetaT Game 7 — hope it’s a classic decided on a last shot — who do you want taking it? #
  • 01:17 @EnriquetaT Since I was a sportswriter, I root for great basketball and great story lines. Not much there tonight, though. #
  • 06:30 @EnriquetaT <cough> I covered MJ in college</cough> #
  • 09:25 Congratulations to #Chile with its 1-0 victory over #Honduras in the #worldcup Los Catrachos didn’t have firepower, but defended well. #
  • 11:54 Oh man, Spain falls to Switzerland. #worldcup just got interesting. LOL It’s been that. #
  • 11:57 Spain will play Honduras next. Oh, snap. Los Catrachos face their mother country and likely a spanking. #
  • 13:25 Bloomsday on Broadway XXIX at Symphony Space This sounds like an amazing event if you are in NYC! Colbert, Ira Glass #
  • 14:06 @ScoopB Did. Yawner, fo sho. Only good thing is that we get a game 7 for the marbles. Better was two cup matches today! #
  • 14:10 @Krissynyy Thank you! Hope is a HW for you too! #
  • 14:29 @ScoopB Srsly? Chile 1, Honduras 0; Switzerland 1, Spain 0 #upsetcitybaby #
  • 16:48 @trobertson I agree, but you know. Hope I run into KJF folks somewhere along the line 😉 #
  • 19:08 I’m streaming something interesting live on Qik. Check it out. #
  • 19:18 @JohnLazarz @jeffpulver @luzaleh you just made my day. #
  • 19:47 @webmetricsguru @jmhavan @cecipf @meducate are giving a great panel at #cbsacnysm #
  • 19:47 @webmetricsguru @jmhavana @meducate are giving a great panel at #cbsacnysm #
  • 19:48 .@cecipf is live-tweeting the socialmedia panel at #cbsacnysm, follow her to stay on top of it. #
  • 20:07 Getting ready to act a guru in helping folks with social media. The real guru @mogulette is talking to Samsung Experience folks about SocMed #
  • 20:15 Created list of people for #cbsacnysm if you want to be on the list @ me. #
  • 20:17 I’m in a raffle. Prixe is a half hour consultation with me about social media. Whoooo hooo. #
  • 20:19 @meducate you were the first. #
  • 20:43 @bsbnyc done deal. great list developing. #

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