Krochmal Tweet Log

  • 06:24 Good morning. It is going to be a great day, I just know it. #
  • 08:18 @ctreit Thank you. Still marveling at meeting you in person at 140conf. That was great. #
  • 14:35 @JordanAlyssa25 jumpcut. But it closed down now. I another one is ? Kalustra? #
  • 14:37 @JillianSorgini @AFSienko @KAPiccoli cool collaboration? #
  • 21:27 Figured out FourSquare is best on an iPhone ’cause it just works plumb crazy (not) on my N97. Tested app on my iTouch and it worked. #
  • 21:27 Going to restart Mailana — like the daily reports. #
  • 21:29 Tuesday is the last day of classes and I’d like to reach out to you all here for valedictory advice. Sunblock? I got that. #JRNL2010 #
  • 21:32 I have two students who will be defending master’s capstone projects next week. Please send good thoughts. URLs for their soc nets TK. #
  • 21:32 This week has been a wonderful week. I asked for miracles and I got them, mostly. LIS #
  • 22:02 @remy_melina Thanks for the RT. Final Project time in JRNL 80 and you know how that goes 🙂 #
  • 23:21 ""Why don’t we have the NBA and the NFL subsidize intercollegiate athletics?" " Chronicle article kicker. #
  • 23:36 @davidavdavid I was thinking that maybe those two leagues support *all* of higher education a little more generously. #
  • 23:45 3,300 of the roughly 4,500 U.S. colleges and universities offer at least one online course. #
  • 23:46 Really? There are 4,500 U.S. colleges and universities? #

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