Krochmal Tweet Log

  • 01:39 @saragregory thanks for follo. Say hello to @jrnl10 DBA Acme Journalism I0 at Check out their community? #
  • 09:54 Lil Wayne Blogs… From Prison Last graf is so much writer’s BS, though. #
  • 10:31 Giving rein to ideas for urban sports beats: New York traditions — wall ball, hoops, street hockey. Buck buck? Your thoughts? #
  • 10:59 @esd714 Like the avatar. Bet there are enough of those ?’s for at least a cheap niche to fill. I’d budget $1K for content. #
  • 11:33 @esd714 Will my Nokia N97 scan that? #
  • 11:42 I’d love to see your pictures that depict soc-med in street culture. Post to my FB page Would ya? #
  • 14:41 Hung out in front of Apple store talking to cops about tech and iPad. They said NYPD spent $1M on typewriters. Smith Corona. #
  • 14:48 – New York is looking her mostest today. Love this town. #
  • 15:04 – Hello Kitty. Lever Building NYC. #
  • 15:25 I’m at Syms and so is Rep. Charlie Rangel. Must be a good sale. #
  • 17:59 Qik – Ipad Delivery Day by Mo Krochmal #
  • 21:54 Walking through Apple store on Broadway, I stopped at a 27-inch monitor. Absentmindedly, I swiped my fingers across the screen. Oh, snap! #
  • 21:57 Watching Duke-West Virginia. #
  • 22:00 ZZzzzzzzzzoubek. #

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