Krochmal Tweet Log

  • 15:34 Scientists reveal snake infrared detection Herpetologist Aaron Krochmal. IDK if a relo, but likely, right? #
  • 16:02 Read about the one-year anniversary of Nassau News Live 21st Century news operation. No budget, just news. #
  • 16:47 Missouri prep basketball players goes up and over an opponent for a dunk. Via YouTube #
  • 16:55 #Trend: Trading on Tweets and Other Social Media – Aggregating, filtering in real time is not trivial. #
  • 17:00 jeffpulver: @keyinfluencer #140conf is about "The State of Now" and not twitter. #
  • 17:02 Pay For News Online? Pew Report Says Few Favor Idea: NPR #
  • 17:12 "Coffee Party" Actually Much Mellower Than "Tea Party" Via Good. #
  • 21:49 Job Creation Proposal: Allow biz to capitalize related training, development, education, and internship costs. #
  • 22:23 Impressed by J students/editors. Broad coverage of community issues, video+text+links. Would you look+comment? #
  • 22:47 Blog to Book: The Writing How Mark S. Luckie @10000words wrote The Digital Journalist’s Handbook. #IHRIY #

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