Krochmal Tweet Log

  • 05:55 @paulbradshaw g’morning. Yes, I believe so. I’ll take a look later in the afternoon (after classes) and get reacquainted with the system. #
  • 05:56 Good morning. Going to be a fantastic day, I just feel it. Crisp air in New York and a hunger for knowledge in the atmosphere. #
  • 06:00 The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can’t read and write, but those who can’t learn, unlearn, and relearn~Alvin Toffler #
  • 11:31 With my #J10M class talking about online reputation. Comparing scores for Coke (746) and Pepsi (878). GE is 248. Thoughts? #
  • 12:01 company facebook presence #
  • 13:00 @abshaheed Showed it to one class and they enjoyed. Going to show it to another. Hope you got some responses and thanks for sharing. #
  • 13:08 Taking class time #JRNL10F to read coverage and actual document that the WaPo put out on social media policy for journalists. Thoughts? #
  • 19:12 Watching Michael Daly of the Daily News being honored at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Nice to see a journalist honored. #
  • 19:21 Father Judge, an icon of 9/11, and Michael Daly are intertwined. Daly is a chronicler of New York life. #
  • 23:21 | Tech Blog | Facebook makes it easier to Connect (via feedly) #
  • 23:24 Firms Get a Hand With Twitter, Facebook – (via feedly) #
  • 23:47 The Angels and Demons Guide to Good Twitter Etiquette (via feedly) #
  • 23:53 My journalism tools students are asking for a session in power Twitter use. Your input — in 120 characters? #
  • 23:53 Krochmal Testing Cliqset. Looks interesting because of its links with FB. Anyone else using it? Care? Comment? Grumble? @ me #

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