One Response to “Class No. 2 Spring 2009”

  1. krochmal Says:

    First No. 2 Class today MT. Called roll.

    First item on the agenda was the assignments over the weekend.
    Students were rewarded for addressing my personal e-mail, after they found it. Not hard.

    Students had to e-mail me to receive the readings, which helped them with context for their web assignment — finding 5 working journalists on social networks. This assignment is to show them how to find information, and laterally, how journalists are getting involved in social media.

    The students had a 10-11 window for turning in their assignments. 1-0 scoring. Either they did, or they didn’t.

    We discussed their e-mail conversations with me, starting from who turned in first, who came to me on a Saturday morning with a query. Discussed etiquette and civility.

    Following directions.

    I have firm directives in communication — standards for spelling, punctuation, grammar, content, writing and I’m trying to track all of that.

    In order to do that, I need organization.

    We went over e-mail/file formatting with screengrabs of my e-mail, tagged with the class JRNL80 MW and showing subject lines, attachments.

    Went over e-mail addresses, showing how forwards display, as opposed to how direct e-mails display. Goal is to have students understand how their actions have a consequence and that any burdens put in the way of the reader, halt the process.

    Students were tested on the reading, having to answer 4 questions in 15 minutes about the reading assignments — one a technical article about how to go beyond social site searching and how much information is available out there. We discussed how corporations might feel about this, looked at the tone of a recent The New York Times social media memo and discussed how it might reflect how mainstream media is thinking about social networks being used in its operations.

    After the quiz, we discussed the readings, with a general Q&A session, unscripted.

    I then posted the syllabus on This is not an instant process, there is some latency. I did a quick discussion of it, and will come back with a quiz on it. Unannounced. I want to make sure they read the syllabus.

    I gave out their next assignment. A student caught me as I was reading assignment No. 3 instead of No. 2. Oopsies. Got it straightened out. I’m going to measure their adherence to the standards on this assignment.

    At the end of the class, I give the students a timed writing assignment — what I learned best, what I learned least. I review this in preparation for the next class.

    I feedback was about precision and expectations (a lot).

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