Class No. 1

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Hello students. This is a time capsule from the students of the Fall 2008 JRNL 80 classes. It’s their note to you.

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About Newspapers

More simple, yet.

So you always wanted to be a reporter?

A New York Reporter in Albuquerque

Here’s how we roll

And this is how we rolled. Welcome

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3 Responses to “Class No. 1”

  1. Andrzej Sienko Says:

    Wow, good times. The new class has no idea what they’re getting themselves into.

    PS I had no idea my lengthy monologue would be put on online video when I made it : )

  2. krochmal Says:

    Class 1 delivered. Showed five out of the six videos posted. Did not show the students’ work from the election/debate. Will save that.

    Asked students to e-mail for details on the readings and am tracking the returns.

    During the class, students described themselves to the class in a timed 30-second exercise. Many students were stopped at 30, a few stopped at 15 seconds. The tyranny of the clock. Students will constantly present in the class.

    First assignment is to learn how to locate people on social networks, specifically working journalists, and find and display workable links in their response.

    Students are also writing a 500-word profile of themselves, with a digital twist. They have to discuss their digital footprint — their Google search result, and a discussion of the tools they own. Deadline for turning in the assignment comes on the night before the class, a 1-hour window, allowing the students an opportunity to earn a point.

    Work will be judged on content, writing, grammar/style on this scale — 0, fail; 1, poor; 2, average; 3, outstanding. With a high bar set for the 3. And, links must work. Learning how to write into a link is a basic skill that will be emphasized.

    Next class builds on reading an article about a search system for social networks, and The New York Times policy on social networks. Students will have to formulate essay answers on the readings in a timed exercise.

  3. Peter McNabb Says:

    February 3, 2009


    Your wordpress site is awesome. It’s great to see your students comments from the previous semester.

    There is so much to learn and it appears you stay very much on top of it.

    I will email you today’s newscast. If this is something that could be helpful for your courses, please let me know.

    Peter McNabb
    USA News Network

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